Payment methods

All transactions by Credit Card and PayPal are processed through their own gateway.
BrandixIT doesn’t register any data related to such payments.

Each fraud attempt will be recognized and reported to local government.

Returns and Refunds

BrandixIT accepts returns within 20 days of the delivery of the order. The procedure for returning merchandise is as follows:

a.The customer must first send a request for acceptance of the return.
b. The request is then confirmed by our customer services by e-mail who also issue a returns code.
c. The goods must be returned together with a copy of the e-mail confirmation containing relevant returns acceptance code.
d. Our logistics confirm return delivery of the package.
e. Confirmation is sent to the customer that the goods received match the returns request.
f. A credit note or a refund is issued in the customer’s name.

If the order is damaged or incomplete for internal reasons (e.g. incorrect quantities shown as available in the website) a credit note will be immediately issued for the customer.